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Blundstone, known since 1870 for well-made work boots, now adds the famous signature to a casual collection for men, crafted in premium finished leather that just keeps improving with wear. Enjoy the technical features offered in a standard Blundstone, such as dual density cushion outsole and full-length removable footbed for superior comfort. A patented revolutionary shock protection system. The outsole is slip-resistant and the square toe allows for ample toe space.

What Others are Saying

4/5 Stars
By A. Young: wonderful shoe, but be carefull and patient
"AWESOME BOOTS, BUT: I ordered a pair of these boots a year ago. They're the best I've ever owned; great leather, great shoe (though inserted an arch support as I have high arches). Other than that, the comfort, shock support and elastic ankle grip are all great. However, I recently ordered a pair for a friend, and the leather looks very different than the pair I have. Same shoe, same number blundstone. The leather does look plastic-like, or at least overly treated with some chemical that it was left soaking in too long (ps, these boots are supposed to be acid resistant or something like that I've heard). I don't recall whether I got them from this particular vendor or another one on, however, I'd recommend sending them back and ordering another pair if you are unhappy with the leather. If that does not help, order from another online vendor. These shoes really are worth all the hassle once you find one that works out! Also, the sizes are a bit difficult sometimes, be patient when getting your fit right. I wear a womens's 9.5 US, but wear a 5.5 AU in this "062" model. Also, I wear a size 6 AU in the Blundstone 500 model. Good luck."
5/5 Stars
By Rollin: Blunnie's Rock
"This is my first pair of Blundstone boots and it was a great purchase! I can wear them with a jacket and tie or jeans and a t-shirt. They are just as comfortable as they are versatile. They can be worn in all types of weather and that's an added plus since the weather in Michigan varies so much. Great boots, I will buy another pair if these ever wear out..."
5/5 Stars
By E. Miles: Great Boots!
"I love these boots. The boots are excellent for the wine making, and beer making professions. They more than stand up to the rigors of the job, or for every day use, while looking pretty good with minimal maintenance. I wear them most days, and apply dubbin fairly regularly. A thin coat, every 4 or 5 days, sooner if need be. I would highly recommend fallowing suit if you buy a pair, to extend their life, by keeping the leather in good shape, maintaining their water proof nature, and avoid cracking later on. They don't have a steel toe, so be aware, but they have a great feel overall, and slip on quick and snug. Figure out your correct Australian sizing before you order though. As to not shoot yourself in the foot..."
5/5 Stars
By Ranger: The Best!
"I have been wearing this particular model of Blundstone boots for years. They look great with a pair of jeans and last forever. Big hint... the ladies love em!"

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