Blundstone 500/510 Reviews

Our Review

The Blunnie 500's are a great boot for the type of people who like to feel what they're wearing on their feet, as well as feeling more of what's beneath their feet. As with all Blunnies, the boots are loose-fitting, but extremely comfortable. Beginning later in 2011, Blundstone upgraded the rubber used in the outsole from polyurethane rubber to thermo urethane. Thermo urethane rubber is more resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack. The midsole, however, is still composed of polyurethane. Polyurethane is a rubber that is intended to be used regularly, so if you love to wear your boots, they'll love you back. 

Product rating: 4/5 stars

What Others are Saying

5/5 Stars
By steelebuilt: Comfort, quality and durability
"Great boots! On my feet all day, everyday and my Blundstone's provide a comfortable fit right out of the box."
5/5 Stars
By Ski6695: Best boots on the planet
"Hands down these are the best boots on the planet. On my third pair. Great for working, walking, and dinner out."
5/5 Stars
By M. McAulffie: Wear with pride
"These are great boots, blundstone were a part of my school uniform growing up in Australia. The 500's are a wear everywhere boot, workshop, playground even out on the town. I would feel lost with out them. My last pair lasted about 20 years before I retired them."
5/5 Stars
By M. Conley: Just the best!
"I bought my first pair at least 8 years ago and they just now finally wore out. I live in New York City and walk a LOT. My Blunnies not only held up for years but were extremely comfortable the whole time, and I'm talking about walking on hard surfaces. They always look good -- the more beat up the better -- and they're good year 'round. For some reason they even look good with shorts -- I guess it's some Aussie special ingredient! Also a good all-weather boot. I always wear them when I go on ski trips -- at the end of the day they are great to slip on after having my feet in ski boots all day. Just the best for all-round use!"

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